Holland Roden is such a cute little interviewer.


derek having that one silly moment with those kids literally just blew my entire ship wide open and all of my feelings just came gushing out i mean

talk to me about derek being a hammy shit, saying sarcastic things under his breath that he thinks are funny and looking up, catching stiles’s eyes, and seeing stiles pursing his lips to keep the laughter at bay

talk to me about stiles’s recognition that his and derek’s senses of humor align, that derek’s the dude who wolfed out to make some kids’ halloween the halloween they’ll be talking about for YEARS while stiles is the dude who, year after year, looks forward to fucking coach finstock’s world up just for his birthday

talk to me about stiles and derek pranking each other, just a little bit, being silly around each other, learning to pass the time while they’re in dire circumstances together with jokes and smiles that they try not to let one another see

talk to me about derek being a total cliche on purpose and pushing everything off of a messy desk before he lays stiles out on top of it, bright-eyed and breathless, and stiles saying “oh my god, you did not just do that” and laughing, laughing, laughing

talk to me about derek and stiles, yeah, okay

but talk to me about derek and stiles making each other laugh and i’m yours

3B meme:
[2/6] Characters: Derek Hale.






Why does this look to me like they’re starting a musical number

put that violin back where it came from or so help me

so help me

so help me

and cut

it’s a work in progress



the dark shadows under derek’s eyes from searching for stiles for two days straight


Allison Argent + favorite quotes [7/]

Lydia Martin + Character Traits.