He’s my cousin… Miguel.

Coworkers (in the closet)


It’s Derek’s second day on the job, and he’s spent the last 15 minutes in a supply closet looking for sticky notes.   Never did he think he would need to use so many Post-its, but somehow at this new job he’s used a whole half a pack in the last two days alone.

The shelf labeled “Sticky Notes,” is empty, but he finally spies a box wedged in the back corner behind a pile of binders, and he pulls them out triumphantly as another guy comes into the closet behind him. 

Oh no.  It’s the guy.

The guy with the horribly attractive cheekbones and artfully dotted moles along the side of his face.  The guy who can’t seem to keep still in his cubicle, causing Derek to keep getting distracted and look away from his work. His distraction has nothing to do with the way the guy’s rolled-up sleeves show off his toned forearms every time he stretches. It doesn’t.

Derek also definitely didn’t go through the employee directory to find out what the guy’s name is. It’s Stiles. What kind of name is Stiles?

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